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Head office

Lempriere wool business was founded in Melbourne, Australia since the 1850s. As one of the oldest business in Australia, Lempriere wool has built and retained its leading position in the industry for the last century. Lempriere Australia's international centralised support functions of finance, logistics and IT are located in the Melbourne office.

The Australian Lempriere trading division offers wool products in greasy, scoured, carbonised and wool top form. We sell to all the major global wool markets focusing predominately in China, India, Europe and North America. Our experienced wool buying team has vast experience in sourcing a wide variety of wool types for both the worsted and woollen market segments and are custom made for our historical client base which is made of up early stage processors such as scouring and top making mills through to vertically integrated operations. Our service is underpinned by providing regular (daily, weekly or monthly) wool market reports, market trend analysis and pricing on specific wool requirements.

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