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Greasy wool accounts for the majority of Lempriere wool export business with all types supplied from superfine merino wool out to coarse crossbred types. We can supply greasy wool on a firm offer basis as well as an indent buying service through the our comprehensive global network. Lempriere sources greasy wool via traditional pathways such as wool auctions, online platforms and direct merchant/private treaty suppliers. Lempriere also has a historical grower base to supply greasy wool products such as RWS and non-mulesed specialty wools.

Lempriere Wool established wooltop manufacturing in Bulgaria in 2016.
We re-invested in 2019 into new equipment and now have a state of the art combing mill will all new Era combs.
The main production is in 18 to 23 micron with a strong focus on certified wool either RWS or GOTS
Although not our main production we are also able to supply open top and cut top to woolen clients 
We are now well established as a regular supplier to key European clients.


New Zealand Wool Services ( WSI )  and JS Brooksbank are New Zealand's leading exporters of scoured wool. We export to approx 30 countries with consistent quality all around the globe. Our scoured wool products are supported by branding strategies such as Purelana which set the benchmark for quality around the world.

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